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"Diego has brought a lot of drive and initiative as well as technical skills to the Northern Lights CCS project, for which I was the Shell lead. He is strong communicator and team player.
De-risking the subsurface storage was critical to getting the project across the finish line and Diego has had a large impact both in shaping and and delivering the work and convincing senior stakeholders."

Christiaan Van der Eijk

Strategy Manager New Energies - Shell


"You helped Shell to both influence the development, and to make an informed decision on investing in a first of a kind project. You were not just passive while seconded into Equinor, you had the bravery to take on challenging topics and people.’’

Owain Tucker

CCS Principal Technical Expert - Shell


"You brought your experience from other CCS projects, mostly Northern Lights, to propose fit-for-purpose evaluation workflows. You very flexibly embraced the challenge of regional PBE screening, familiarizing with workflows and tools and bringing it to use in a very short time. You were relentlessly advocating streamlined pragmatic approached, which allowed us to deliver in a short time and under competing demands for resources.’’

Martin Grecula

Principal Explorationist & Team Lead – Shell


"I had the pleasure of working with Diego as his (subsurface) manager during my time at the Northern Lights project.
Diego and I worked together on the Northern Lights project for nearly 3 years.
Diego's biggest strength is his ability deliver on time under a very challenging time schedule.
He has also shown an impressive ability to handle and manage difficult stakeholders.
In addition, Diego adapts very well to a multicultural working environment and worked very well with different people in a team consisting of seven different nationalities.
His good humour and ability to contribute positively to a good working environment in stressful working situations will be missed.
I give him my best recommendations."

Olav Haga

Subsurface manager at Equinor


"Diego’s subsurface technical work has been central to our ability to take FID on Northern Lights this year and has been well recognized by the partners. Apart from being technically very competent, Diego has a good understanding of the business and strategic context and has translated that into his role: He has been very proactive in identifying work that needs to be done to meet our business objectives and then does it without needing prompting.’’

Christiaan Van der Eijk

Northern Lights Business Opportunity Manager - Shell



"You are involved, dedicated and want to go forward, a very positive attitude.

You lead easily the tasks assigned to you and in a good way. You are a leader but at the same time, you listen to people.

You work hard, not afraid of overtime if needed.

Very good communication skills thanks to a fluent English and presentation skills.

Good personality, good humor, you probably fit in any places".

Laurent Fritz

Sr. Geologist – Total (Team member)


"Diego makes tremendous effort in collaboration (e.g. reaching out to various organisations in/out of BSP for the geohazards effort in BSP e.g. external- SMEP, Houston and internal – TSM/assets), keen to provide support to the asset teams (e.g. Fairley Baram amplitude checking where you supported a bit more than just looking at generic geohazards)"

Mariana Omar

West Geosciences Lead – BIMMS Cluster Lead – Brunei Shell Petroleum


"Very proactive and an embodiment of enterprise first behaviours.

Accepting of feedback and eager to improve processes for the greater good of BSP.

Pivotal in the start of GHZ and Geomatics collaboration – it’s a journey so there will be improvements to be made. Supportive in ensuring Faiz is included in 2DHR conversations.

Openly gives feedback in a constructive manner e.g. improvements in linking DLR to GHZ assessment, implementation of soil boring location request

Actively seeks out input from global experts

Challenges the status quo and in turn encourages TSM folks to ensure our data is up to scratch (e.g. geohazards on MyMaps, relief well planning)

Key person in all 2DHR conversations to ensure we avoid the 2016 ‘incident’ of sub-optimal site numbers.”

Shirley Sikun

Offshore Geomatics Team lead – Brunei Shell Petroleum


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