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2007 - 2012

NAM (Shell Nederland) 

Onshore & Offshore Southern North Sea (UK & NL) - Siliciclastic reservoirs – incl. pre-salt / Extension & Salt tectonics dominated structural regime.

Geophysicist integrated in a multidisciplinary and culturally diverse team working on development and Near Field Exploration of Rotliegend (incl. Tight Gas) and Triassic gas fields and prospects in a high cost environment.

Highly mature environment, dominated by small targets, where innovative solutions and cost efficiency were crucial.


  • Interpretation of 3D seismic datasets including shallow hazards identification and depth prognosis in support of static model (re)building and well design.

  • Seismic to well match, attributes generation, band-limited inversion and interpretative processing, use of pre-stack data & partial stacks to support structural interpretation.

  • Geophysical delivery of reservoir depth maps, together with high & low cases based on probabilistic analysis, for +12 development and exploration opportunities.

  • Input for planning 11 development and 3 exploration wells, including the planning of 6 fully geo-steered horizontal ERD wells planned to be hydraulically multi-fractured (Tight Gas) and other 3 wells drilled from surface locations in a highly environmentally sensitive area (Wadden sea).

  • Involved in well drilling/completion concept discussions with the main global service providers as part of a well engineering competition.

  • Analysis of remaining potential in brown fields.

  • Provide Geophysical evidence to evaluate 2 Near-field exploration prospects.

  • Operations Geologist giving geological support in the drilling operations of 3 offshore wells in an environmentally highly sensitive area (Wadden sea, NL).

  • Support data acquisition planning and justification, including 3D & 4D seismic, DTS/DAS, sonic logging (di-pole), and VSP data, but also Pressure data in support to commercial and unitization agreements.

  • Business Opportunity Manager / supervisor of an 1100km2 seismic re-processing project. This project involved extensive cooperation with technical experts and contractors.

  • Regional Study of Rotliegend prospectivity: Large seismic re-processing effort covering an area of 2400 km2  involving Initial velocity model building, application of interpretative processing & seismic attribute analysis for QA/QC purposes.

  • Triassic sandstones play: AVO analysis including forward modelling.

  • (Shallow) Geohazards Focal point for the Southern North Sea.

  • Engagements with industry and government partners.

  • Coaching new geophysicists within the team.

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